It’s unfortunate that Nepal is facing another hardship in the form of floods, two years after it suffered a major earthquake in 2015.

The recent floods that resulted out of incessant monsoon rains have hit almost all parts of Nepal, claiming lives of around 120 people and hundreds of livestock population. The devastating flood has inundated hundreds of villages and tens of thousands are displaced. Victims across various regions, who fell ill due to contaminated environment caused by floods, are not even getting medical facilities as the Primary Health Centres are also inundated. Many are still struggling for food and shelter.

As the government started relief and rescue measures, help started pouring in from various government bodies, individuals and organisations. But these flood relief efforts may not be sufficient to reach every victim.

Veritis Foundation is sincerely committed to contributing to the recovery efforts for the disaster in Nepal. We are donating $10,000 USD to support the relief measures for the flood victims. These funds will be used for food, water, medicines, medical services and for the rebuilding efforts.

We will collaborate with NGOs that have feet on the ground and are committed to helping the needy with complete transparency and selflessness. NGOs that have a better understanding of the locale and ensure that the needy are attended to quickly but do not have contacts to raise the resources to help, will be preferred. Our commitment is to ensure that the money being donated is directed to the NGOs in need and ensure transparent accounting of the money spent.

We request you to donate generously using the below PayPal link for the cause.
Every dollar donated can go far to make a difference in the lives of flood victims!

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